Organizational Project Managemnt

Organizational Project Management is the systematic management of projects, programs, and portfolios in alignment with the achievement of strategic goals. The concept of organizational project management is based on the idea that there is a correlation between an organization’s capabilities in project management, program management, and portfolio management and the organization’s effectiveness in implementing strategy.

It is a way of thinking, communicating and working, supported by an information system, which organizes company’s resources in a direct relationship with the vision of leadership and the mission, the strategy, and the objectives that advance the organization.

Organizations working for corporate project management can set up a Project Management Office (PMO).

Thanks to the OPM (Organizational Project Management), the company is able to think in terms of Portfolio Project Management, that is to plan and track the existing set of projects, to create a portfolio (by budget size, by calendar year, by year budget, by business line, etc.) of existing and future projects (demand).

Just like managing a portfolio of shares, Project Portfolio Management is the activity of selecting the projects to keep in the portfolio (because of their expected value) and which to discard (either because of their obscurity or because they will not produce the value that is initially calculated).

organizational project management

Therefore a systemic vision of the “management of projects, programs and portfolios aligned with the achievement of strategic objectives” is nothing other than the definition of the Organizational Project Management (OPM), which well represents the needs of organizations to apply “knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques for repetitive and project activities in order to achieve the organization’s objectives through projects “. (ref. PMI®)

For the assessment of the organization, Heva refers to the most important Organizational Project Management Maturity Models.

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